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A Unique Map of Irish Myths and Legends

Here is a map of all of the latest Irish legends and fairy tales, laid out for easy reference. Click on any icon to discover the secrets hidden within, then click on the link to find out more about that story!

The Map of Irish Myths and Legends


Mythological Cycle Mythological Cycle
Ulster Cycle Ulster Cycle
Fenian Cycle Fenian Cycle
Historical Cycle Historical Cycle
Voyages Voyages
Gods and Monsters Gods and Monsters
Folk and Fairy Folk and Fairy
Ghost Stories Ghost Stories
Places Places
Royal Sites Royal Sites

Please note, some of the following options might be slower on phones:
Bullaun Stones Bullaun Stones
 Megalithic Structure Megalithic Structure
Court Tomb Court Tomb
Passage Tomb Passage Tomb
Portal Tomb Portal Tomb
Unclassified Tomb Unclassified Tomb
Wedge Tomb Wedge Tomb
Standing Stone Standing Stone
Stone Circle Stone Circle
Cup Marked Stone Cup Marked Stone
Rock Art Rock Art
Crannógs Crannógs
Stone Heads Stone Heads
Hill Forts Hill Forts
Ogham Stones Ogham Stones

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