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Tales of the Irish Mythological Cycle, Irish and Celtic myths, fairy tales and legends

The Mythological Cycle is one of the oldest and best known collections of stories in history, influencing cultures throughout early Europe and into the modern day. The Book of Invasions tells of those who first came to Ireland, the Tuatha de Dannan, the Milesians, the Fomorians and the Children of Nemed.and those of Lir, great love stories, poems, curses, magics and legends of heroic deeds from before the great flood.

Six great waves of invaders came, ending with the Milesians or Gaels as they were called, who defeated the Tuatha de Dannan in the mighty battle of Tailtiu and gave us the language we know as Gaelic. Read on below to learn more of these times of legend, tales that were old when the hills were young!

Stories from the Mythological Cycle

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