Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

Irish and Celtic myths and legends, Irish folklore, Irish fairy tales and More Irish Tales and Legends

Emerald Isle, home to Irish and Celtic myths and legends, fairy tales and folklore, wonders and more!

Welcome to the Emerald Isle, where we've gathered up a collection of some of the finest and most entertaining stories from Irish myth and legend, old and not so old, for your enjoyment. There are Irish fairy tales and Irish ghost stories, as well as Irish mythology. Along with each story is presented a a map and guides to get there and visit these ancient sites of remarkable history, as well as suggestions about places to stay and knowledgeable tour guides. Below can be found a selection of just a few of these tales of yore, so read on and enjoy the isle of mists, the land of saints and scholars, the Emerald Isle!

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The Map of Irish Myths and Legends


Mythological Cycle Mythological Cycle
Ulster Cycle Ulster Cycle
Fenian Cycle Fenian Cycle
Historical Cycle Historical Cycle
Voyages Voyages
Gods and Monsters Gods and Monsters
Folk and Fairy Folk and Fairy
Ghost Stories Ghost Stories
Places Places

Our tales are divided into different collections, with the oldest Mythological Cycle stories presented first. Here you can find the Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg, names which ring down through countless millennia to enchant us to this very day. Then we have the Ulster Cycle and Fenian Cycle, epics telling of heroes like Cu Chulainn and Fionn MacCumhaill, where they came from, how they became heroes, and how they still inspire wonder.

Moving through centuries shrouded in the mists of time the Historical Tales and the Voyages speak of lost lands, strange magical kingdoms and kings whose bones yet rest in the barrows and Duns of Ireland. Gods and demons, monsters and spirits, giants and mysteries roamed the land in those days, often troubling the people and bringing disaster when they felt so inclined! Alongside lived the fairy folk of Ireland, the little folk or the other crowd as some so called them. Fearsome ghosts fit to chill your very blood as well!

The Emerald Isle is a place with a mysterious and marvellous past that few know of, secrets long forgotten or hidden until the time is right, or perhaps never to be revealed again. Come walk among these places with us, come walk the halls of the past.

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