Emerald Isle


Irish and Celtic myths and legends, Irish folklore, Irish fairy tales and More Irish Tales and Legends

Irish legends and lore, the ancient myths and tales of Ireland shared for your enjoyment!

Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is a land steeped in ancient history, tradition, and myth, legends which were passed down by word of mouth among the poet-scholars, the druids, and the storytellers of the people living here for countless generations. A thousand years ago an unknown monk wrote many of these tales down for posterity, preserving them in such tomes as The Book of Invasions which can be found in the Book of Leinster and and the Yellow Book of Lecan today.

We present to you some of these stories today, from the most venerable to the more recent, echoes from a long-vanished past when druid princes and men of renown walked the antediluvian world, whispers of secrets and hints of wonders that were kept alive by firesides and in great halls from time immemorial.

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